Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stream of consciousness post commencing now:

I'm the worst blogger ever, I promised I would do tons of sewing over my vacation, that was almost a month ago and I only sewed one thing. And it turned out so bad that I am not showing it to you. Other than that I threw a bunch of fabric on the guest bed and haven't touched it since. Truth be told I have no interest in sewing at the moment. It could have to do with my disastrous experience over vacation, but I think it also has to do with my supreme lack of motivation. The other day I caught myself googling "Where did my motivation go?" This may or may not have occurred while I was laying on the couch with my ipad resting on my stomach. I'm so lazy. I have no idea how this happened to me. I literally do nothing the second I get home. Well, no, I walk Penny, shower, eat, and complain about my laziness and go to bed at 8. Seriously. I can't wait for school to be over. I feel burnt out. I wake up between 4:30 and 5, get to work at 6, work work work, then come home and feel so tired I don't want to do anything except (re)watch Season 2 of The Hills on Hulu and look at THIS website, I know, I'm so lame.

On the plus side I did just buy THIS purse pattern online, ya know, because I don't have enough purses. It was 40% off! I NEEDED IT. Now I just need to motivate myself to sew it.

One (horrible) excuse I have for not sewing is that my desk is covered with scrapbooking supplies to make a scrapbook for the wedding. My goal was to have it done over April Vacation, my new goal is to have it done by our anniversary. I really need two desks, one for scrapbooking, and one for sewing. It's such a paint to clean up all of the supplies from one activity and lug out the other supplies for the opposite activity. On another somewhat related note, do you know how expensive scrapbooking is? Jeepers, I think this wedding scrapbook is going to cost me more than the wedding.

On another depressing note, house hunting sucks. I hate getting really excited about a house, planning a garden, re-painting the walls, figuring out deck/patio dimensions and mentally moving in only to find out that the house is filled with asbestos or that you don't have enough money to buy the house anyways. It's so annoying. The only thing I like about it is that whenever we go we stop at Boloco and get a burrito and split a Lemonade Fruit Punch, which is like crack in red liquid form. Charlie informed me last time that there is in fact no juice in it.

Continuing down the depressing path. Bike Week is coming soon and it will be a miracle if I don't run away. I don't even know why they call it bike WEEK it is 10 days long. Kill me now. It basically, in my eyes, consists of tons, literally, tons of people on juiced up motorcycles speeding past our apartment for 10 days, constantly. They also seem to flock to the diner downstairs and like to smoke outside. I can't tell you how many times I woke up last year to the smell of bikers smoking fat stogies and cigarettes outside. If only they had bike week in February when I didn't have to have my windows open. That would also probably mean about 10,000 fewer people would go. Sounds ideal to me.

Since this has been such a hateful post, like I said, stream of consciousness, here are some pretty pictures I took on a walk with Penny the other day.


OMG it's way past my bedtime and I haven't even showered yet. 

Goodnight. Give yourself a pat on the back for being a good friend/family member and reading this whole post if you made it all the way to here! 



  1. 1. Now I know it's not just me. Thank you for admitting your laziness...I've been feeling it to and hating myself for it. Im also hoping summer breathes some life into me!

    2. Scrapbooking IS ridiculously expensive and that's probably why I dont do it anymore (even though I wish sooo much that i did)

    3. Total agreement with the house hunting too. It's very hard to keep your emotions in check. AND all these ppl keep telling me to "enjoy the process" far it's just been a roller coaster!

    4. Love your pictures and i need to meet Penny soon


  2. I think you have a case of serious Spring/Summer Fever. lol Based on how kids are acting these days... and teachers... it is time for SUMMER! I don't blame you for feeling unmotivated.

    I don't have much interest in doing much these days myself. Perhaps that's why I've gotten hooked on "Glee" thanks to Netflix... ;-)

    Btw, that motorcycle "parade" would drive me nuts too. Probably batty. I hate, hate, hate the smell of cars and cigarettes. If I could I would send you a bunch of Oregon fresh air!


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