Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fused Glass Fun

Yesterday after work Charlie and I went to Art Escape to paint pottery. Once we got there we weren't really feeling inspired by the pottery options; I didn't want to paint a wizard or a Christmas tree. What did catch our eyes was the fused glass. After a quick "tutorial" from the owner we were off. 

I made a butterfly, in case you can't tell. The back square is about 3 inches so it involved a lot of small pieces. Charlie worked very hard on his and started over three times. He has claimed he is not artistic, and this pretty much confirmed it. He was a good sport for coming and trying. 


After I put the finishing touches on mine I looked up to Charlie and he had pushed all of his pieces off and told me to do it. We worked together to make a wreath. He was good with the cutting tool, and I glued the tiny pieces. 

The owner gave us a sheetrock bucket full of scraps of glass to choose from. We began carefully looking through the bucket picking out pieces we liked. At one point she came over and reached into the bucket grabbed a handful of glass chunks and put it into another smaller bowl. I decided I could do the same, who knows how many cool colored piece of glass were hiding under the first layer. So I reached in and raked my fingers through the glass and instantly felt a prick on my finger. I pulled out my hand and there was a tiny shard of glass sticking out of my middle finger. I plucked it out, dabbed off the blood and got back to work. A short period of time I looked back and realized there was blood all over my glass, tools, the table and dripping down my hand/arm. Geeze, can't take me anywhere. That owner must have hands made of leather or something, how else could she rake her hands through tiny shards of glass all day and not be dead from blood loss?

Seriously it was terrible. It still hurts today, it's a surprise I was able to go to work. Once we were done we left. In the parking lot we noticed this store:

Yikes! And if that isn't creepy enough this was the car parked outside:

It just confirms that all clowns are creep-tastic! Our plan was to go to the grocery store and home to eat dinner but then we decided to go out to eat. We went to the Town Docks in Meredith, had to hit it up before Bike Week starts. I went to the bathroom and came back to the table to find Charlie rustling though my purse and showing the waiter my ID. A few minutes later a half watermelon filled with the most delicious drink ever appeared. I definitely drank more than half, spilled some on myself and enjoyed every last sip.

It was a fun Wednesday, bloody hand and all.


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