Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bridal Shower Apron

A few years ago I had this idea that aprons make the best bridal shower gifts ever. I still stand by this thought. Aprons are easy to make, can be personalized, don't require fitting, and my favorite, only have to look good from one side. 

This one was made for my friend Abby. She's so sweet and nice I don't even care that her wedding is over Memorial Day weekend, which is when I typically sit by the lake and get my first sunburn of the year. She's an artist/graphic designer so I went a little crazier with her apron than I have with others in the past. It was really fun. When else would I buy neon green fabric and hot pink piping?

I have about 4 unopened apron patterns. I find it easier to fold an apron I already have in half and use it for basic measurements and then let the sprit move me from there. This one is a variation of an apron I got at my bridal shower last year. See...I'm not the only genius!

 The pleated ruffle (is that an oxymoron?) at the bottom was a last minute touch. I like the ruffle-y look, but it's such a pain sometimes to gather and pull the thread, at some point the thread always breaks on me and I have to start again. Pleating it was just so much easier. I thought I was going to have to do math to do the pleats but I just guessed and got lucky. Sort of love when that happens, since obviously I didn't have to fix anything or start again, but it's also bad when something like that happens because it just reinforces my terrible behavior ie: fear math to the point of avoiding it at all cost then get positive reward from fearing math, therefore continuing the vicious cycle. 2 + 2 WHA????

I mailed it last Monday in order for it to get the the shower in time. Mailing it on Monday obviously means I finished it on Monday afternoon. Charlie wasn't home to subject him to taking my picture so I settled for this mirror shot before wrapping the present in used recycled wrapping paper and running to the post office before it closed. I don't live far from the post office so I really did run. And there was a rock in my shoe the whole way there but I was too nervous about not making it there in time to stop and take the rock out. Talk about dedication....or just plain crazy.

I always make the ties way too long, but this length allows you to wrap it around to make a cute little bow in the front. 

The best part is I know Abby likes to cook so this apron will get some use. Unlike my aprons which are only for tracing to create other aprons, and also for wearing when I do the dishes after eating spaghetti.



  1. Seriously adorable and what an absolutely great idea! Your friends are lucky ladies :)


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