Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bridal Shower Apron Part 2

Have I told you lately that it's bridal shower season? Yeah, I thought so. One last post. I used the same basic pattern from the other apron to make this one. The major difference is that I actually had bias tape that matched this fabric and could therefore use it on the apron so the navy trim shows on this apron. I ran out of navy polka dots which is what I wanted to use for the waist ties so I settled for the aqua accents. 

 When Jill opened the apron at the shower one of the bridesmaids said; "Is that a Vera Bradley?" Talk about a complement. Thank you Denyse Schmidt! Since the pleated bottom worked so well on the other apron, I did the same for this one, and thus the vicious cycle of straying away from math continues.

On another math related note, I should have done more math because I seriously have almost a yard of this left over. Any ideas? Pot holders? A Casserole carrier for us? The options are as endless as an almost yard of fabric.

And lastly here is a picture of Jill. She just looks like she's been ripped out of a Good Housekeeping magazine or Mad Men (note: I've never seen an episode of Mad Men in my life, and I don't frequently read Good Housekeeping.) But she does looks cute, I mean look at those heels!

Alright, as promised, this is my last bridal shower post for a while.


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  1. ooo I love that fabric!! I have been slowly collecting that line when I have a coupon or its on sale.


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