Monday, June 6, 2011

Voile Quilt- Finished.

Hurray! The Voile quilt is finally done. It got really hot here for about a week and I (seriously) sat with an icepack on my legs while I finished handstitching this quilt. Oh, the lengths quilters will go thought to get a project done.

I finished stitching the binding just in time for our friends to come and visit. My only demand request was that the friend who did use the quilt take a shower before going to bed...he had just run and gone swimming so it didn't seem like a huge deal but I may have sounded a bit bossy. I've already told Charlie he can't sleep with this quilt due to his excessive drooling.

And if talking about your fiance's incessant drooling wasn't embarrassing enough, I dragged him to the local park this fine evening to snap photos of him holding the quilt for me. When I commented that he was being a stinker pants he said; "I want you to know I would never do this for anyone but you."Awe shucks, thanks Charlie.

I'm trying to not stink so much at taking pictures so I tried some in the shade too. What do you think?

I like this one because you can see all of the circles I spent hours sewing. I really must move away from takes forever!

Last photo I promise. This one shows the backing fabric which I L.O.V.E!

Now I can say that this quilt is officially 100% done, and just in time because I've already purchased fabric to make another one! Add that to the list of 10,000 projects I have buzzing in my brain.


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  1. it is so beautiful lauren! All of your painstaking work and time definitely paid off. I'll have to make a point to come visit it in person!


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