Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thing You Might Not Have Known About Me- Part 2

  1. Ever since my Grandfather, Frank, passed away I have made a conscious effort to floss every night.- He was a dentist.
  2. People keep asking if I am going to change my name when I get married and when I say no my excuse is "Charlie had to go to speech therapy to say his last name" or "Half the kids on my caseload have issues with /th/!" But really, I just think my name is the best name in the world and don't want to change it. 
  3. I hate wearing contacts but I am petrified of having lasix surgery.
  4. I am obsessed with saving money...sometime to the point that I have about $40 in my bank account to last me until pay day.
  5. I have a very hard time realizing that everyone on the planet doesn't try as hard, or work as hard as I do.
  6. I am kind of color blind. 
  7. I recently realized I own 6 purple dresses.
  8. I still take naps...probably 2-3 a week.
  9. I eat chocolate chips by the handful- or I did until I went on a no dessert until the wedding diet.
  10. I still do simple math on my fingers.
  11. Whenever I accidentally leave the house without makeup on I get really self conscious, but then people always tell me they can never tell I am wearing makeup anyways, so I wonder why I bother.
  12. The phrase "If I were in charge...." crosses my mind at least 5 times daily. 
  13. I once wanted to be a shoe designer, now I own about 10 pairs of shoes, and 3 are running shoes. 
  14. I only set my alarm on the 3's ex: 5:03 and 6:03, although I rarely actually get up at that time, I mostly roll around in bed counting the hours (on my fingers) until I can go to sleep again.  
  15. I had never eaten an avocado until Charlie forced me to. Now I love them!
  16.  One of my biggest fears is that I accidentally burn my face with my iron. 
  17. Another huge fear is that I slip on a patch of ice while running and my head gets crushed by an 18-wheeler.
  18. I think it's lucky that these two "biggest fears" are highly unlikely. 
  19. It took me about 13 years, but I think I have finally accepted my nose. 
  20. I am petrified by the though of having children, but I still want them....just not today, or tomorrow, or in the next 4 years. 
  21. The only time I miss having a TV is when I am sick and want to watch dumb movies on TBS or  ABC Family. 
  22. Here is a list of things I am really bad at:
    • making things grow.
    • paying attention to things that are cooking.
    • having a serious face.
    • being interested in world events/politics. 
    • spending a limited amount of time on the computer. 
    • finishing library books before they are due.
    • reading directions. 
  23. Here is a list of things I am good at:
    • asking for help.
    • writing lists and checking things off of lists.
    • organizing things.
    • spending 4 times as long thinking about projects as I do completing them.
    • reading a map.
    • never getting lost, except inside of big stores.
    • enjoying the company of others without having to say a word.
 What's something I might not know about you?



  1. it is now clear to me why we are such good friends. Many things in common or close to it. I.E. My clocks are always set 10 minutes ahead of the actual time; and alarms (even though I always wake up before them, but continue to set them) are set to the 8's.

  2. I love checking out new blogs :) I randomly came upon this post while I was tootling around. Anyway... You aren't alone in #10.. and I am still trying to accept my nose. My sister got better nose genes than me!

    I love lists like this, I should do them more! It's fun getting to know the author of the blog.


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