Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Orion Embroidery

I was looking though my "craft" photos and realized I had made a project and forgot to tell you about it. *This is where you pretend to care and say "Oh Lauren, tell me more!"*

My friend Cait likes the constellation Orion. It seems like whenever we're outside at night together she is able to find the constellation and says something to the effect of; "I just love Orion." She was even Orion for Halloween once!

When it was Cait's birthday (in April) I decided to make her an embroidery of Orion. I saw the idea on Minature Rhino. I can't remember if it was from the blog or the etsy shop though. As I recall Cait was the one who showed me this blog in the first place....and a present Cait made Charlie and I (that I am too supersticous to hang up or show you just yet) was inspired by this blog as well.

Making it was pretty easy. It's a small swatch of dark blue linen and yellow-ish cream colored embroidery floss. I searched for images of Orion online and found one that I liked, copied onto a piece of paper about the size of the hoop and then pretty much went for it. You could trace the design onto the fabric if you're a less "wing it" type of person. Overall it was a very simple project that I think turned out quite well.


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