Saturday, April 2, 2011

::Right Now::

Right now, I am...
:: watching the sun melt away all of yesterday's snow.
:: loving my new biscuit cutter, one of the few things we registered for that I knew I would use more than Charlie.
:: wanting a big hug.
:: looking through lots of old pictures and remember good times.
:: heading out for a long run, with no route in mind, just going to run.
:: patting my belly after eating far too many homemade soft pretzels.
:: enjoying a weekend off, there aren't many of those left on the calendar.
:: appreciating all of the lovely comments and e-mails I've received from friends and family. 
:: surprising myself with my motivation to suddenly finish the quilt, and surprising Charlie when he woke up to see the living room furniture pushed away to make room for sandwiching said quilt.
:: feeling grateful for having had yesterday off, even if it means another day in June.
:: working on hand quilting several hundred circles. 
:: hoping you are having a wonderful weekend, and that you remember to tell someone you love them.


Idea and inspiration from SouleMama.


  1. mmmm those pretzels look really good!!! and so does that quilt!!! Love the circle idea!!


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