Sunday, April 17, 2011

Five Coin Purses

Last weekend we finally had a (somewhat) free weekend. We ran a trail race and hung out with friends on Saturday and on Sunday I did a long run and got to sew quite a bit.

A few weeks ago I was at a fabric store in Portland, Z Fabrics. As I was checking out I saw a cute little snap purse. I mentioned its cuteness to the clerk and she said, "We sell the pattern, it's right there" (points to 4 inches away from my hand). I snatched up a copy and put it in my pile before I could even think otherwise.

I knew I wanted to make two for my friends Allie and Cait. They had a surprise party last night, unfortunately I couldn't go but I wanted to give them something anyways. I set out to make two of the purses last weekend. Then I found so many scraps of fabric that called to me: "Lauren, make us into tiny coin purses too! We're so small, you'll never use us except for this project. Do it  TODAY!"Instead of making two I made five. 

They came together pretty fast. I only had three snaps so for two I used velcro.

Here's all of them. Two are for Allie and Cait, one if for Cait's roommate, Carla who was in on the sending of the gifts, and the other two are for my cousins, Mia and Macy.

For some reason I think it is hilarious to give people copies of the school picture that was taken of me this year. I included a copy in my cousin's coin purses.

I hope everyone likes them.

Happy Weekend!



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