Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Decorations

The chain quilting I did the other day made me think about other chaining projects/ideas (and no I don't mean the bunting that I now realize I should get cracking on if I want it to be done by July). I mean Valentine's Day decorations. 
I saw an idea on maya*made last February, after Valentine's day had already passed, and stored it away until now. While working on a painted project (more to come soon), I remembered the idea and was able to locate the tutorial. Pretty easy. I painted some of the hearts in different ways and also crumpled some of them. After the red paint dried I used Mod Podge "Luster" to seal them and make them a bit shiny without having to add glitter; yuck. Did you know I hate glitter? (I won't steal Demetri Martin's joke about glitter but I will provide you with a link to it...well upon searching I couldn't find a short clip, just skip to minute 3, or enjoy the whole thing, or don't click it, I'll never know.)
Back to the project. Instead of gluing the hearts to a string I just chain stitched them with a sewing machine. Now if only I could decided where to hang them, because outside the closet isn't a very good spot.

Happy Sunday!

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