Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Shower Gift- No Sewing Necessary

What's with people in their 20's having babies?!? Jeeze. Seems like everyone I know is having a kid, or two. My good friends from college are having their second baby in less than a month. Seems like just yesterday I was making their first kid something. Their first was a boy and they're expecting another boy, so I knew they wouldn't need anymore clothes or toys. This got me thinking, what would a second child need or want? Or more specifically, what would the parents of a second child want or need?
Something personalized! I found the idea and materials at the craft store. When I got home Charlie asked me why I needed a giant "L" for our house. He's funny. I painted the frame yellow and the "L" blue with light brown dots to match the scrapbook paper behind it, added some Mod Podge Luster, and some hot glue and it was done.

I shipped it off and had nearly forgotten about it until I got the thank you card in the mail today.

Now all that's left is to have the baby, but not just yet!


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