Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Blues

Ho hum. I think February is the most depressing month of the whole year. I think that's why they only made it 28 days long. Thank goodness for that. I have been feeling kind of down lately and thus sewing minimally, sleeping lots, and doing nothing in particular.

Here are some of the reason I have been feeling glum:
  • My grandfather is rather sick. Not like a cough. Pretty sad business.
  • I love my job but is is stressful at times, especially in February (or before big vacations). I want to feel like I am doing my best and doing everything with 100% effort but sometimes/ most of the time I feel like I am putting 100% effort into staying afloat and not forgetting something really important. 
  • It's cold. I am sick of the cold and mostly sick of the wind. I want to go running and be outside but the wind makes it unbearable. It also makes my apartment cold which makes me cranky.
  • I'm still searching for friends. 
  • Planning a wedding when you are the most indecisive person in the world is very hard. It's even harder when your fiance is the most decisive person in the world and can make decisions in .2 seconds when it takes you 4+ hours of deep contemplation to figure out the exact same thing.
Here are some things to be unglum about:
  • I got to see my Grandfather, Frank, today. As well as my Grandmother, Grandmother, and my brother, Garrett. It was pretty fun. They even said my cooking was good.
  • On a whim I bought a new (to me) sewing machine. It's a used model with a new engine. It's wicked snazzy. I have been slowly trying to figure it out and absorb as much information as I can in short sittings.
  • There are only 5 more days until school vacation. I am going to spend it in Maine, and do some wedding stuff, hang out, relax, read, snowmobile, have a party, and maybe see a brand new baby, if he comes on time. 
  • All of my squares are done for the quilt. 
  • I love the fabric I am using to make the quilt so much that I bought more this weekend to make this skirt.
  • There are only 27 more days until spring at which point I can wear my new skirt.
 Now if those aren't unglum things I don't know what are. Thanks for reading my soppy nonsense.


p.s. I know unglum isn't a word; but it should be.

p.p.s. Here is one of my most favorite pictures in the whole world:

That's me on the day my brother was born. Looking at this picture helps me remember that even if you aren't happy about something in the moment you might be happy about it later.


  1. Cute picture Lauren! I agree about february being gloomy. I havnt done a lot of sewing ethir, which makes me sad, But I got Chase's quilt done, and i get to see him and that makes it happy for me!! February is almost done though! yay!

  2. Lauren, completely agree on the "ho-humness" AND the feeling of treading water constantly at work. Hoping too that this spring brings some better things . . . and, most definitely, it will. Thinking good thoughts for your grandfather, and hoping you have a relaxing vacation in Maine :)


  3. It's a blah time of year. Sometimes you need to let yourself wallow. Then you yell "snap out of it!" at yourself and force a "next step."

    That said- I don't work until this evening and it's too cold to get out of bed. Screw it, I'm taking a nap.


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