Monday, July 6, 2009

Tote Bag Give Away and Weekend Summary

Here is the finished fusion tote bag. Although, it is no longer mine. I gave it to my brothers girlfriend, Jaimie. She is pretty much the only blog follower who I didn't force to follow me, and she has also made a few of the same projects I have. So I decided to give it to her. (*But I might do more giveaways so be sure to become a follower and leave me nice comments, and also then I will know you people are reading my blog so when you say something about it I won't get creeped out and think you are stalking me or reading my mind). 
Here's the inside. I made a pocket and added the "Made By Lauren" tag. 
And lastly, here is the back side. I like the way target bags look so I used a few of them and also added words like "recycle." I found the bias tape and handle at my mom's house. So the bag was technically free, unless you count all of the times I went to target and bought things to get the bags (but I'm not counting that). 
This weekend was great. I went to my dad's house and saw some fireworks with my friend, went for a motorcycle ride (to vermont, eww, but I only stayed there for 10 minutes and never set foot off of the motorcycle. I hate vermont) and also spent time at our manifest destinied boat house, here's a clip of my brother tipping our boat over to drop a 200 pound mooring. Please excuse the cackling laughs from me and Charlie. We also went to a NH Fishercats game this weekend, it was great, baseball is much more interesting when you have lots of weird people to look at, and fried dough to eat. 
Today was the 5th day of clinic and I didn't cry, get mad, throw my hands in the air, swear or anything else extreme. In the words of the Beatles, "It's getting better all the time."
So that sums up the last few days. 
If you just read this post and you aren't a follower you should become one! (JACLYN! CARLA! MONICA! to name a few)
Have a great night!


  1. This Bag is tottaly awesome! I use it as my beach bag which is perfect becasue of the whale on the front. And its even bettter that its made out of those wretched plastic bags that sit in landfills. Yay for recycling!

  2. Oh and Lauren the link for Garrett isn't working...but it might just be me..

  3. Ok, you've caught me! I've succumbed, I can no longer be a secret reader.


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