Sunday, July 19, 2009

Inspiration for Baby Shower Number 2

After the last baby shower I decided to try to make something different than the knit stuffed animals I have been making for my friend's babies for the last 3 years. My grandmother (not senile in the least) made me blocks with my name spelled out on them when I was little. I do not recall ever playing with them, but I do love them, and keep them displayed in my (well, kind of my) room. 
 They inspired me to make a set for my friend's soon to be baby boy Dylan. Ta da!
On the back side of the ones my grandmother made for me she embroidered little animals. Since Dylan is/will be a Mainer, and since the things on the registry looked nautical, I went for a beachy/ Maine theme for the embroidery on the back. A lighthouse, pail and bucket, life preserver, whale, and a sailboat. 
These are my two favorites:
I think I like them the best because they have the most color. 
Now that the showers are over all I have to do is sit around waiting for the healthy babies to arrive. I also am going to hope that Dylan does in fact come out a boy like the ultra-sound technicians say he will, and that his parents name him Dylan, otherwise I just wasted a lot of time making the blocks. I also hope that Olive comes out a girl, otherwise baby boy Kelley will have to play with a purple stuffed elephant. Anyways, I just hope the babies are healthy and happy, and I can't wait to see them and hold them (but when they cry or poop I will give them back to their parents). 
P.S. I just remembered my cousin is pregnant and her shower is in August. I guess I better get crackin' on another present. :) 

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