Friday, February 28, 2014

No Spend March

I figure if I write about this I'll be more accountable for it. Here goes; I'm not going to buy anything in the month of March. I have too many clothes, too much fabric, enough cloth napkins, and quite enough plants. Since we bought our house I've been stopping by stores (Target, TJ Max, Marshals, Home Depot) just to look for things to fill the house, not things I "need", just things that look nice. This has added up to more money spent than I care to admit. My mom and I were talking about ways to cut out unneeded expenses the yesterday, which was a good kick start. Reading this blog post about living a happy life without spending a lot of money was also good incentive.  Here is my plan:

  1. Don't eat out- we just got back from a three day vacation where we ate out almost every meal, so I think it'll do my wallet, GI system, and waistline some good to go without eating out.
  2. Just don't go into stores- can't buy things if I don't see them. Pretty obvious.
  3. If I "need" something, I'll make it, or wait- With the exception of the three air plants I just bought, most of my purchases are spur of the moment, and not thought out whatsoever. Taking a month to figure out if I really want something will be good for me. I've also noticed that going out looking for things I don't really need has taken away from the time I could be spending making things anyways. I have enough fabric for at least 4 outfits I've been thinking about making. 

Things I am allowed to buy:
  1. Food- fasting for a month is not feasible. If we go somewhere thought I will bring food from home, to keep from eating out or buying crap at the gas station. No more Doritos or Smartfood. I almost always pack lunch during the week, but doing so on the weekends will save money too. 
  2. Gas- I can't walk to work anymore so this is a must. Not spending gas money to drive to Concord since I won't be shopping will save some money though. 
  3. Bills- mortgage, cell phones, internet, and electricity. Much as I've tried I can't think of a way out of these things. 
  4. Skiing tickets- skiing keeps me from going off the deep end in the winter so although this is a luxury it's a must for my sanity. We have been saving receipts and doing this promo

That's the plan. Let's hope I can stick to it. Wish me luck. 


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  1. I have all the respect for people who do this. I hope you can do it cause I have tried and failed (restaurants are a b). As someone who hates almost every possession they have I have to say less is more. Is this money motivated or stuff motivated?


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