Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Charlie got me a critter cam for my Birthday since we keep seeing deer prints in the snow. I set it up outside for a few days but it only got pictures of us, and lots of pictures, as in 300+ of snowflakes. Bored of pictures of snow, I set it up inside the house to see what the dogs do all day. I had some really good pictures, but then the SD card got corrupted and deleted them all. Back to square one, I set up the camera again. The beginning is boring, but trust me the end is good.

Playing with the Kong I give him when I leave for work. I fill it with peanut butter, bones, and sometimes a little wet food, and freeze it overnight. He loves it, I'll spare you the 20 picture of him playing/eating.

How'd that water bottle get there? Must have fallen.

This is about the time the postman comes. You can see Penny's haunches raised and Blaze is growling it would appear.

And then I came home and everyone was happy. A few days ago I noticed more deer prints and felt more comfortable with the settings on the camera so I set it up outside last night. And I caught one!

Not the best picture ever, but it was very exciting to check through the 200 pictures of snow and see a deer! Today is a snow day, so Charlie decided we should try to ski in the yard. The critter cam took some photos of us skiing. It was fun, but we got tired quickly of carrying the skis back up the mini hill.

So far the camera has been pretty fun to play around with. Hope to see some more animals and get better at setting it up. 


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