Monday, August 19, 2013

Baby Sewing

My friend had a baby and last week I had the chance to go to Washington to visit with them and I sewed up a storm during nap times and in between snuggling the little one.

I haven't bought any patterns and have been using Pinterest exclusively for patterns/tutorials. It's been pretty successful thus far. Here is my run down.

Itty Bitty Dress: Rae was not lying when she said it was itty bitty. I sewed it in an afternoon, it was super simple. I even made it reversible. Then we tried it on the baby and it hardly fit. She looked visibly uncomfortable and was crying so we took it off. It was quite humorous. She is growing so fast! I figure the dress will fit a little doll. If you make this dress either size it up, or make it for the baby to wear home from the hospital. I also think making it reversible helped the sizing issue. It is awfully cute and easy. I'd make another, but in a bigger size. Lorelei hung the dress on a mini hanger in the baby's room for decoration.

Baby Bibs: I didn't use a pattern, I just traced a preexisting bib. I hate sewing snaps so I used velcro. Worked well, and I sewed these in no time at all.

Baby Car Seat Blanket: This was pretty easy to sew as well. I didn't add the hood so it could fit a little baby and a bigger baby. I really like the color combinations, and realized that I had bought this same pattern in cotton for an apron a year or so ago. Very easy to follow tutorial, I approve.

Quick Change Trousers: Am I the only one who laughs when someone says trousers? It sounds like such an old fashioned word, like slacks. These are from the book Handmade Beginnings. The pattern says to make the pants reversible but I didn't have enough coordinating fabric, so they're only one sided. But they are pretty cute.

 That's the sewing I've done over the last week and a half. I had such a good visit.


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  1. Lauren, I love the baby clothes! I sewed a ton of baby bibs when my kids were little. I inserted a plastic layer in the bib - I found when my kids drooled it soaked the bib and they ended up with a rash on their chest - or else I was changing the bib non-stop! Also food soaks through a cloth bib. I had found the idea at a craft fair and loved it.


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