Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Not Dead.

Charlie asked me last night if I wondered if my blogging friends thought I had died since I have been away so long. I sure hope not! But just in case here is a post to satisfy your interests and let you know I am still alive, and kind of sewing.
Things I've been doing:
1. Working, lots.
2. Running, lots.
3. Hiking.

4. Buying new furniture!
5. Hanging out with my friend Cooper who likes to ride in the car sitting on your shoulder, I hear it's the best view.

6. Enjoying the last bits of summer at Sculptured Rocks. (If you live or are driving anywhere remotely near Groton NH on a sunny warm day I highly recommend stopping by this geological wonder.)
7. Spending time with great friends.
8. Some hand sewing/ mending of a special quilt. More to come soon.

Happy Wednesday!

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