Tuesday, January 19, 2010

24 Things To Do In My 24th Year

Yesterday I turned 24. My dad reminded my to change my "About Me" to reflect my new age, be sure to check that out over there--->

After diner Charlie asked me if there was anything I wanted to do this year, I told him a few things off the top of my head. When I said one of them he said; "Yeah right!" Then this morning in between sleep and awake I decided that I could not only do the one thing Charlie said "yeah right" to, but to also challenge myself to do 24 things this year, here is my list:

1. Graduate with my Master's degree.
2. Find a job.
3. Move closer to the White Mountains and find a (2 bedroom) apartment.
4. Cook more meals/ be more adventurous in the kitchen.
5. Read for fun.
6. Make outfits/clothing for myself.
7. Run a long race (more than a half marathon, but less than a marathon.)
8. Be more appreciative of what people do for me.
9. Stop complaining about my parent's divorce; it's been 5 years, I should probably get over it.
10. Draw and paint.
11. Go to farmer's markets.
12. Be more aware of what I eat and where it came from.
13. Be nicer.
14. Start an etsy shop.
15. Learn how to and execute the refurbishment of my dresser. (A project I have been meaning to do since I got the dresser 4 years ago.)
16. Volunteer.
17. Accept my nose, it's big, oh well, it's mine. Like my dad says; "If your nose was any smaller I wouldn't know you were coming into the room."
18. Make at least 1 more quilt, and experiment with new quilting techniques. (But let's be honest, this will probably turn into about 3 quilts.)
19. Be more giving with my sewing projects, who really needs 43 purses?
20. Have confidence in the things I do, say, and wear.
21. Organize and simplify.
22. Learn more about having good credit, saving money, stocks, just money in general, since sometime soon I will have some.
23. Watch less TV.
24. Find something enjoyable to do, and something to be happy about everyday.

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on my progress. And hopefully having a written record of my goals will help me stick to the challenge.

Off to conquer the world!



  1. This is really motivational, I think I may make my own list! Although, I don't turn 24 until May... so maybe I'll make a list of some things to accomplish before my birthday? Hmmm....23 things to do before 24? haha, that may become too stressful. I think I'll lower the number a little.

  2. It's a good thing I'm not going to do something for the age I am. Imagine--77 good things to do in a year, although I already have done 19 so far just by getting up every morning and making my bed!! Love your ideas, Lauren.

  3. Great post and list, Lauren. I feel like the new decade is a fresh start and a great time to start working on personal goals like these.

  4. yay an etsy shop, thats one of my goals to, i need to get myself more noticed out in the blogisphere, need more followers, maybe i will do a giveaway on of these sew-n-tell fridays]

    p.s. still working on your present

  5. How about adding goal # 25 and that is to not obsess too much about the 24 things you just posted.

  6. which one did Charlie say no to- getting a two bedroom apartment :)


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