Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recent Oversight

I have been working away feverishly on things for the Handmade Christmas, and then it stuck me....everyone I am making present for reads my blog. Drat. Guess I won't be posting any tutorials or fun pictures of all of my handmade gifts until after Christmas.
Also I recently destroyed a yard of fabric, I'm not very happy with myself. And now I am contemplating whether or not I should go searching for a replacement fabric or just order the one I want online and pay shipping. Decisions decisions.
Lastly, my very bestest friend Lorelei left the U.S. to go to Iraq this week. I am sad that she left but mostly I am very proud of her. Lorelei likes quilting too, she's much better than me, and she took supplies to make 3 quilts while she is gone. My only fear is that I will be sending packages of thread, wonder under, and scraps of fabric to her every other week. I think (and hope) she is prepared, but I will send her anything she wants or needs! *hear that Lorelei!
Anyways, now that it is November I think it's okay to tell everyone I am working on Christmas things, but like I said, I can't show you any of them! All I can tell you is that I am working on them :) And you'll just have to wait.
Have a good day!


  1. So I was thinking the same exact thing the other day. I was all excited to share what i have made for christmas, and my ideas, and i realized that the things i am making are for people that read my blog oops! We will just have to start e-mailing eachother our ideas instead of blogging about them!

  2. hmmm, so how do you destroy a yard of fabric? garbage disposal? a really mean cat? a hungry sewing machine? a rotary cutter gone mad? :)

  3. I have a favor to ask you Lauren! I need your expert opinion about what to do with my snuggy. You see, it opens in the back and every time I walk around my house it falls off. Can you take a look at it and think of some ideas to keep it closed?

  4. "Drat." Thats a good word, you don't hear it too much anymore. :^)


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