Monday, November 9, 2009

Ornament Exchange? Why not?

I, much to my surprise, had most of the day off today. After spending much longer than I should have trying to figure out what to wear, and then settling for a sub par outfit, forcing Charlie to make me lunch since I was running late, and realizing my car was running on fumes and stopping to get gas, I checked my phone and had a message telling me that everyone was out today and I would have no supervision; and therefore didn't have to go to the school. To think of all the time i could have saved... oh well, a happy surprise. I only had class from 8:40 until 11 and then a free day at my fingertips. Which is lucky based on how yucky I have been feeling the last few hours. Anyways, it was also lucky that I had the time off because I was able to come straight home and got a to chat online with Lorelei!!! Hurray. It was certainly the best part of my day.
Then I started feeling crapy and searching for fun ideas online; if you can't do anything crafty you might as well think about crafty things and find crafty ideas. And then I stumbled upon these holiday themed tutorials and this, an Ornament Exchange. How exciting. I'm number 133. You should all join, it sounds like a lot of fun (plus then I can share some of my holiday ideas with people I don't know and not ruin the holiday surprises I have in store for my family and friends.) I can't wait!!
Off to hydrate myself and pray I am not dying, and also search the web for more awesome Ideas.

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