Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Done! Friday Sew-N-Tell

Last night I was puttering around and my advent calendar was in the corner of my sewing area (I say area, but it's more like a huge messy pile). Then I realized how few days there are until the 1st of December and that kicked me into high gear to finish the advent calendar. And last night at 11:30 I did!:
*Thanks to my long john wearing helper for holding it up for a photo shoot
moments after waking up.

I ended up tying the quilt, I loved all the ideas everyone posted last week, but I just had the need/desire to try tying a quilt. It was harder than I thought, but I like how it turned out. Someone asked last week if the fabric was Figgy Pudding and the answer is yes. I love it. I wish I had yards and yards of it.

I decided to make a list of things I learned when making this calendar so that I could have something to look back on in case I forget:
  • Tying takes less time that machine or hand quilting, but you should still use a hoop to keep it tight, otherwise you will snip about half of the ties because they are too bumpy.
  • When doing applique, leave a little bit of applique paper and fabric extra from your cut out design so that when you peal the paper off the fabric that you want to show doesn't fray, and you can just snip off the extra fabric that may have frayed a little. Also don't cut your fingernails before trying to peal off applique paper, that will just drive you crazy.
  • Use a zigzag stitch around the appliqued fabric to keep it from fraying.
  • If you don't have a pattern be sure to stop before every cut and make sure you aren't going to totally screw something up.
  • Hand stitch the binding, it really doesn't take that long, and you can watch the Project Runway finale while you do it.
Speaking of hand stitching the binding does anyone have any hints for doing the corners of the binding? I always try to miter the corners but they turn out a little more messed up than I like to admit. I would love to hear any suggestions or tips. See....I need help!

Now I just have to get my dad to cut me a strip of wood to use to hold the calendar to the wall, then start filling it with goodies. Charlie and I have agreed to take turns filling the pockets, he get a gift one day, I get a gift the next and so on until Christmas!
Can't wait to see everyone else's finishes over at the Sew-N-Tell.


  1. Love, love, love the Advent Calendar. It turned out great. I'm glad to know it is Figgy Pudding...I bought some of that...but haven't used any yet. Great idea to make a list of things learned. I have not tried tying a quilt yet, but like the way it looks. Sorry I can't help with the binding corners...I have my own issues with that. Sometimes I get lucky and it looks good. So glad you finished before December 1st. Happy Friday.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the lovely advent calender and in good time before December!
    For binding tips, you can try out tutorial here

  3. Your advent calender looks great! I'm planning to make one for next year so I love to see what other people have made.

  4. Cute way to hang such a lovely advent calendar, but won't his arms get tired? and how will he will them if he is holding it all the time? LOL JK

    For corners and a bomb of a tutorial on binding, go here
    and watch. It will rock your world!

    Thanks for such a happy Friday Finish!


  5. Love your advent calendar - so cute! Mitred corners are my bete noir - I am trying to bat above .500 right now - usually I get one or two corners that look good. The rest: utter dog's breakfast.

  6. BEEEEEEAUTIFUL!!!!! Thanks for sharing your great finish. Maybe ther should be one of these in my year of course!!

  7. This turned out lovely. I hate binding but this is the tutorial I found useful.

  8. Figgy Pudding is so grown up and STILL fun! Nice job. BTW, once you get the mitered corners down (some good links in the comments), you will find it the easiest way to bind! And your corners will be beautiful every time.

  9. Your advent calendar turned out really cute...I got nothing done this week!

  10. Looks great. Nothing like giving yourself a deadline eh? I hope you get nice things when its your turn for a gift.

  11. this looks great....the quilts and more magazine has great instructions on doing the binding so that you get really crisp lovely corners.

  12. It turned out so great! Good for you, getting it done on time so you guys can enjoy every day of the season. This could be the start of a tradition that will last a lifetime. Have fun with it! ;o)

  13. It came out great!! I'll be starting mine tomorrow. I hope I'll have it done for next weeks Sew & Tell.

  14. It looks great! Much bigger than I thought it would be. Beautiful! Mitered corners? I discovered that the more I fiddle with them the worse they look. Just flip, sew and press.

  15. What a beautiful advent calendar! Congratulations on finishing it in time! :)

  16. It does look great and the Heather Bailey tutorial on binding is wonderful. A lot of it has to do with how you stitch it on before you hand stitch it down. I have to have my mom explain it to me every time!!

    I really want to make on of these!

  17. This is really cute! I LOVE Figgy Pudding!

  18. beautiful job, I love the figgy pudding!!!


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