Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Never Sewing Again

Moments ago I was peacefully sewing a Halloween costume for my friends kid. Suddenly a spider the size of a Sacagawea coin fell (attacked) from the ceiling and landed inches from my arm.

I screamed, Charlie came to my rescue and after telling him where said spider was hiding (readying itself to strike and kill me) he crushed it multiple times until it died while I screeched and cried into my sweatshirt hood.

He has since escorted me upstairs, I now lie in bed, my heart still racing after my near death encounter. Here is a short list of things I will never see again because I am much too paralyzed by fear to ever enter the basement.

  • Four sewing machines
  • My Mac air computer
  • One nearly finished Halloween costume, I'm sorry Liz.
  • Seven scrapbooks.
  • One almost finished shirt, for myself.
  • One 1/4 done tale runner, festive fall colors.
  • One brand new framed piece of "art" that I was going to show you all. 
  • My beloved mannequin, who knows how many spiders the size of Arkansas have assaulted her. 
That's all I can think of in my weakened state. I shall retire now, I fear I will not sleep tonight, and if I do my dreams will be filed with spiders and other unpleasant insects. Unfortunately tomorrow is picture day at school, I shall be forever immortalized in the yearbook as the young SLP with severe bags under her eye and an intense fear of spiders. 

Yours truly, Lauren 

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