Monday, November 7, 2011

Hi Dad!

My Dad said I don't post enough so here are some pictures from this weekend. It would appear by looking at recent posts that all Charlie and I do on the weekends is search for waterfalls while I take a bazillion photos. That is correct. Oh, and nap. Wait, that's just me. This weekends adventures were Rainbow Falls, and Livermore Falls. Livermore Falls had more to look at and explore. At the falls there is an old run-down mill, a huge suspension bridge of some sort and a massive tipped over tree. The rocks by the falls were also really cool and had spirals and other formations cut out of them. Lots of the holes had frozen water in them, so I now have about 50 pictures of leaves frozen in water. Hope this keeps my reader(s) entertained. I have lots of sewing that I've been doing but alas it is all for Christmas. I will show some completed projects soon though. Promise.


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