Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daisychain Sampler

 I knew back in May when I saw it that I absolutely had to have this embroidery kit, so I bought it. It came shortly before our wedding and I opened the package, admired it, then set it aside. After the wedding I got to work. I like to do projects like this one when there are people around and I can work while talking. I also don't mind working on embroidery while watching a TV show or a movie. This embroidery was a saving grace while we were on Cape Cod during a pretty bad spell of weather over the summer. I also like that it isn't hard to get back into. I can pick it up after not working on it for 2 weeks and fall right back into the rhythm. I've never worked with crewel wool before, it takes a bit of getting used to. I like that it is fuller than embroidery floss, and feels nicer, it is a pain to thread through a needle and also can stretch out if you pull it too hard.
I am making slow but steady progress and wanted to share something since I've been pretty absent lately. I am a bit uptight and can't go out of order, only 6 letters left to go.

Are you working on anything special?


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