Friday, September 2, 2011


Welp, I thought that if I updated my blog I would post more. Let's hope so.

Since the only new pictures I have of anything recently crafty that I've done are from the wedding I just decided to make a whole new header of wedding photos. For some reason I was a bit busy on the wedding day which means all of these photos are from my friend Jaclyn. Thanks Jac!

In other changes news, the first week of school went well. As predicted I dragged my feet and complained non-stop for a week about the start of school and then once I got there it wasn't so bad. I am having trouble getting used to being called Mrs. Therriault though.

Charlie has started student teaching and another huge change has been that we now get up at the same time in the morning and must share a bathroom.

I've joined Pintrest. It's pretty snazzy and easy to use. No more copied pictures hanging out on my desktop to confuse me. If I had joined this site before our wedding I would have either been way more organized, or way more stressed out because I would have had 10,000 ideas instead of 7,000 ideas.

We are going to New Jersey this weekend for another wedding. This will be the 5th one this summer. One might think that I would be sick of weddings but I am not, especially now that I know how much effort goes into planning one. Can't wait for Jay and Meera's big day! Then I will have another sister-in-law.

I think the biggest change around here will come in October when we don't have plans every weekend and can do some more projects around out apartment.

Off to New Jersey!


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