Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Not Dead! I'm Married.

Hello blog reader(s)!

I know it has been well over a month sine my last post, and you've probably been worried sick about my health and wondering if I've died of heat exhaustion or maybe fallen off a cliff. No need to fear though, I am alive and well, and married. *Gasp*. Yep Married. Turns out planning a backyard wedding sans wedding planner, is quite time consuming. Luckily I have the summer off and was able to "move" to Maine and put the finishing touches on the wedding for three weeks, and then get married, and then take over a week to recover and post about the wedding. I think I'll break down the wedding into several posts, since there is ohhh so much to share, but here are a few pictures, snagged from my friends and family to hold you over.

 just married.

just married part two. 

let's all take a bunch of pictures. 

Lots more to come. If you feel like crying here's a youtube video that my fantastic friend and wonderful photographer Sammy made of some of the wedding pictures she took. Or maybe I am the only one who cries looking at them.


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