Friday, November 5, 2010

Sew N' Tell - Gathered Clutch Remix.

I had a bunch of fabric left over from making my Bonsai Bag so I decided to make another gathered clutch like the one I made a few months ago. I remembered that I wanted to add a handle to make it a wristlet.
I also decided to try my hardest to make the zipper look presentable. I think it helped that the zipper was too short, so I had to add fabric to the ends to make it fit. I also only sewed one side at a time to make sure I was doing it right. Typically what happens is I sew everything together then flip it right side out and realize the zipper is wonky and then say to myself; "Meh, you just spent all this time sewing and turning it right side out, why go back and fix the zipper?" But with a little extra caution I think the zipper turned out great
Besides the handle I did make one other change. Instead of making the body of the bag gathered I switched it and made the stripe across the middle of the bag gathered. I didn't think the corduroy would look nice gathered up. I wish I had made the gathered piece a little bit longer so I could have scrunched it more. I'll know for next time.
Happy Friday!

I get the day off from work, but we're going to help Charlie's parents move and unpack at their new house, so I'll be working in another sense. Who knows, we might even get some left over furniture.

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  1. Looks great Lauren! Now it matches your bonsi bag, and everything!! That zipper does look pretty amazing! Does this mean I will see you again this weekend?

    p.s. You should check out the store new england fabrics while your in keene, its huge, and awesome!

  2. I really like that! Zippers ALWAYS give me trouble. good job with it.

  3. I love this! What a great idea to gather the strip of fabric rather than the body of the clutch. I just made one with burlap, and it was a bear to gather! Thanks for the tip!

  4. so cute. I see these all the time and think "I need to make one of these...." adoreable.

  5. agreed, the corduroy would not have gathered as well, great idea gathering the strip. This is always my go-to project for left over fabrics I love!

  6. Very cute. I saw your Bonsai bag as well - love it!

  7. Pretty fabric combo, and good job on the zipper :-)


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