Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bedroom Artwork

When I took pictures of the bedroom for the tour I get discouraged about the progress. I think I still need to do some work in there. I started by doing some of the laundry piled in the corner, but I am not as happy with everything as I would like to be, alas there will be no bedroom tour today. But I can show you the bedroom artwork thus far.
The first is what I like to call my 30 cent art display. The frames were Lorelei's when she was in Iraq. Her mom sent them to her to spruce up her room. They were blue and green and held pictures of light houses. When Lorelei was getting ready to pack up and come back she sent me these three frames as well as a few others. I think the shipping from Iraq is a little questionable because the box was pretty dented and even wet in a few spots so the frames were dinged and scratched, so I decided to paint them black. The pictures inside are postcards of famous paintings. I got them at Ocean State Job Lots for 10 cents each. All and all, this display cost me 3o cents, and I bought a bunch of post cards so if I get sick of them I can always change them.
They hang on my side of the bed above the nightstand.
Next I have two of my most favorite pieces of artwork, also hanging on my side of the room. (I think that's why I was unhappy with the pictures of the bedroom, Charlie's side lacks personality and pizazz. I'll work on that.) This peacock print was made by my dear friend, Cait. She took a print making class in college and this was one of the prints she made. I love how the colors in the print go with the wall color.
Next to Cait's art is a pastel drawing done by my other dear friend, Beckie. I have had it since college and have displayed it everywhere I have lived since then. In fact it was the only piece of artwork in our bedroom last year, because there was only room on one wall, for one piece of artwork.
In case you can't read it; it says "Live to the point of tears." It makes me happy to wake up and see these pieces of artwork that remind me of my friends. I like how all of the pieces have black frames, it makes everything look like they go together.

I have been eyeing the elephant prints in this etsy shop, especially this one, or maybe this one, or maybe there are too many I like to even decide. Although I would want them to go on my side of the room too. Sorry Charlie, find your own artwork!

Maybe if the sun comes out anytime soon I'll show you the (almost) finished living room.



  1. Lauren- i think you should make an elephant print. Looks easy enough...we can do it next weekend!

  2. PS Did you make the lamp shade!?!? I love it, we should make more this weekend!


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