Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life Updates (Photo Edition)

Hello Friends!

I realized today that it has been far too long since I last posted. My apologies. A lot has been going on in my life. Typically when that happens and time runs away from me I like to do a little "life updates" post. This one will involve pictures of what I have been doing.

1. Moving. (sorry no picture for that one. I was too busy crying, or stubbing my toes, or carrying boxes.) However, I would like to say thank you to my Dad and Marylou for helping us move!!

2. Graduating! I now officially have a masters degree. Hurray. There are far too many emotions mixed into this for me to go into now. But I do have a picture of Charlie and I on the momentous day! 3. Hiking. Since we now live much closer to the mountains we have been going hiking more. Or I should say, I went hiking once and Charlie has been three times. Please notice the bird in the tree. It joined us for lunch at this lookout and would eat food right out of our hands!

4. Planning a big day for next summer that will take place here:

5. Going to visit my friend Cait, who has been living in Port Clyde, Maine for the summer. She lives down the street from where a scene from Forrest Gump was filmed.

6. Vacationing! Charlie took two whole weeks off from work for us to move, me to graduate, and for us to have some fun time off together. We even got to go to New York City, where of course we visited MOOD!

We went to NYC with our friends Keith and Sammy to visit Charlie's best friend, Steve. It was loads of fun, with the exception of sleeping on the floor. Sammy happens to be a wonderful photographer and is responsible for these two NYC shots. She is also the photographer for the big event next summer that I mentioned above. (*wink wink*)
7. Home renovating! For some reason the last people who lived in our new apartment thought it would be a good idea to paint the cabinets and all of the trim cobalt blue. Bleck!
I managed to live with it like this for about 5 days and then knew it had to change. I started by painting the cabinets, and Charlie decided that this was a good time to go on a hiking expedition and leave me alone (Gurr!) By about hour 10 into my endeavour I swore that if I ever met the people who painted the cabinets blue I would hit them. Finally, after listening to almost all of the 875 songs on my iTunes the cabinets were done. Last night and this morning Charlie and I painted the walls, and listened to more songs from iTunes. Of course Charlie had never painted anything before so I had to give him lessons about using an edger, paintbrush, and roller. After a short lesson he said that the edger and paintbrush looked too hard and he would use the roller, because it was "more manly." He went to work and, honestly, after some pointers, did a better job than I ever could have. But Mr. Man does have a blister from rolling that he has been complaining about since the painting ended. I, on the other hand, have been pleased as punch every time I walk into the new spiffy kitchen:
My plans involve finding some sort of artwork for the wall. I am confused about what type of artwork to put in a kitchen. I have never had a kitchen that could accommodate much along the lines of art, so ideas are welcome. I am also going to sew a curtain to hide the trash and recycling bins.
8. Now that the painting is done Charlie and I are going "remote camping". That means we're canoeing over a mile to a camp site with no bathroom to spend the night. Not exactly my idea of fun, but Charlie wants to do it, and we've got the "ingredients" for s'mores so I guess I'll go.

That's all the exciting news in the life of me. I know you have just been dying to hear all about it.

I promise to get back to sewing soon!


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  1. Nice paint job on those cabinets! You've got a lot of space on that wall. You could hang a quilt! Something you don't mind looking at as you're doing dishes, maybe?


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