Friday, May 8, 2015

Sprout's Colors Book

I had seen a few fabric color books on Pinterest so when April Vacation hit I pushed aside all of the other more important sewing projects (diaper bag, maternity sewing projects that will fit me now..) and started sewing something that the baby won't need for a while but I felt I like I really wanted to do.

Jaimie helped me fill in some color holes, since I had very little black and orange fabric. The actual sewing of the colored pages didn't take too long. I tried to be crazy but it turned out to have a lot of straight lines. Crazy quilting just isn't my thing. The white pages with the color name were made using wonder under to adhere the fabric letter and then embroidery floss to write the rest of the word. embroidering words is so hard because you feel like you're spelling the word wrong even if it's an easy word you obviously know how to spell. Staring at it for so long makes your brain do funny things. I did almost all of the embroidering while watching Silicon Valley with Charlie. That show is funny.

Each page had a layer of white flannel between to make it softer and hide the seams from the colors pages.

I made it too many pages to be able to sew through all of them at once, even with the walking foot. Too much flannel!This meant I had to kind of wing the binding aspect and hand sew a lot of them together, then hand sew the blue part around the edge to cover the mess of thread and fabric.

I can't wait to read it to Sprout, and for Sprout to drool all over it and throw it around with his or her chubby hands. Eeek! I think that feeling of excitement is why I wanted/needed to finish this project before other more "pressing" sewing projects.

I do have more projects to share, just very little energy to take the photos needed to post, but lots of energy to go outside and enjoy the lovely weather we've been having. I'll get to it.


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  1. What a precious book! I totally want to make one too:) - Anne Linn


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