Thursday, January 15, 2015


This plaid flannel fabric was given to me for Christmas two years ago. Two! I'd be more ashamed if I didn't have 5 year old fabric sitting on my shelf.
There was a crazy looking bird I was looking at when this photo was snapped. 
Last weekend we had no plans and I was exceedingly happy about that after being so busy recently with visiting family and friends over the holidays. I told extra care when cutting out the pattern to try to match the plaids. I mostly succeeded I'd say, pretty good at least for a first try. Also, I've noticed that no one else every looks at stuff like that, and if they do, they are nice enough not to comment on it.
The pattern is my go to winter wardrobe pattern: the Tova. It's super easy to make, I know it fits well (because it's not very fitted) and I knew it would be warm even in the cold temps we're having lately. The last one I made was also flannel but I didn't add sleeves. I liked the jumper look to it but wanted something warmer this time.

My most favorite part is the buttons I added on the placket. The two other Tova's I have made are open all the way down and I sometimes feel like it shows a bit too much. I am a bit lazy (read:scared of button holes still) so I sewed the buttons on and didn't do any button holes. No one can tell, and only one button goes through both layers, the other ones won't be used anyways.

Charlie helped me hem it and I asked if he thought it looked too much like an old fashioned nightgown and he said "no, it just looks that way because you're wearing it with slippers." What a nice guy.

Worn with fleece lined tights, a pair of socks for warmth, and boots I was quite toasty all day.


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